A reality check on Confidentiality Notices

Along with the spam I receive, I am sometimes sent genuine email messages in error; often a Confidentiality Notice is appended, telling me that I must "delete all copies" of the email, if I am not the "intended recipient". If you have sent me one of these confidential messages, I have bad news for you: since I have no Non-Disclosure agreements with anybody, I can be sure that I have no Non-Disclosure agreement with YOU, and therefore, there is no framework in which you can enforce this laughable request. You may believe that there is some all-encompassing law that protects you from your error, but consider that I probably don't even live in your country, so I wouldn't be subject to this law even if it existed.

It is my policy to save all my emails; yes, every single one. My policy is real and tangible, whereas your request is vacuous and unenforceable, so live with it. If you have confidential information in your possession, you should consider taking care of it and respecting the privacy of the owner of that data PRIOR to sending it to a complete stranger, rather than hoping that a sternly worded but pointless threat will cover your incompetence after the event.

Thank you for your understanding.